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 self storage offers protection plans

Protection Plan

Insure Your Belongings Today!

We are pleased to inform you that Tuck-It-Away offers the SBOA Tenant Insurance program. This policy is available with $0 deductible and is a low cost solution for insurance coverage specially designed for the items stored in your self-storage unit.

Tuck-It-Away takes every precaution for security and building maintenance but cannot control weather or other potential disasters, and does not insure your belongings against damage or loss. Now there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of a low-cost, easy and effective way to gain peace of mind.

Here's the skinny on SBOA Tenant Insurance:

  • Pays 1st Even If You Have Other Coverage
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Convenient & Low Cost
  • Covers your property from losses due to burglary**, fire, smoke, storms*, building collapse, leaking water (excluding surface water), lightening, explosions and more.
  • Specially designed coverage for your goods in storage and in transit.
  • Rates won't go up due to claim

The SBOA Tenant Insurance Program offers the following coverage tiers:

  • $1,000 coverage for $7.50/month
  • $2,000 coverage for $9.50/month
  • $3,500 coverage for $14.50/month
  • $5,000 coverage for $22.50/month
  • $10,000 coverage for $40.50/month
  • $20,000 coverage for $75.50/month

All you need to do to add insurance is to call us or email us today with the start date for your insurance, the amount of coverage you would like, and it will be added to your monthly bill. Insurance is required at our Newark location

View our PDF if you would like to review the FAQs on Insurance.

*, ** Some exclusions may apply – see policy for details.

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