950 University Ave - Bronx, NY 10452
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Highbridge Bronx Self Storage

Our Highbridge Bronx Self Storage location has newly built storage units located right along the Deegan just North of Yankee Stadium. It's the one with the orange lighthouse that I'm sure you have been wondering about. Have you ever asked your friends "Why is there a lighthouse on the top of a building in the Bronx?" Well, you will have to rent a storage room to find out! We will let you know that it was painted orange two years ago when we moved here as orange is our corporate color. If you need to know more, come in and chat with us as we still feel new to this neighborhood and we also enjoy making new friends.

Refer a friend to any of our locations and we'll give you a credit back on your next month's rent. It's that easy. Our site manager will be happy to provide you with all the details.

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